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Walking – If the weather is nice and warm, use the opportunity to walk at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, breathing fresh air and getting your heart rate to rise. Of course, we would recommend a faster than normal walking speed to really get your cardio for the day!

Swimming – Visit the local pool and get to swimming because this is yet another great exercise that involves every single muscle, ensuring you that you will be on the fast track to lose weight. Make sure that you practice swimming at least two-three times a week to ensure great results and in the meantime, including some of the other cardio exercises that we shared with you!

Weight Training

Running – Running is yet another great way to get your heart pumping blood and those calories burning up. Running is perhaps the most beneficial cardio exercise that does not require any equipment to be used. It will ensure that all of the large muscle groups are involved in the process and with that, burn more calories than ever.

Stair climbing – If you have stairs at your house or your apartment building, you can perform this great cardio exercise. Stair climbing activates more muscles than regular walking, and that is why you should use this quite simple yet effective exercise to burn as many calories as you can!

Goal Setting

Cycling – Get your bike out of the basement and enjoy the nice weather outside. Whether you will use your bike recreationally or you will use it to get to work or the supermarket or to your friend’s house instead of getting a taxi or the bus, use this fun opportunity to exercise your body and burn calories.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – If you want to focus on a workout routine that includes exercises which will engage every body part, burning calories and building up muscles at the same time, we recommend choosing one of the many High-Intensity Interval Training programs. This exercise program involves short intervals of high intensity which are followed by short rest periods. It is known to be among the best workout routines for losing weight and forming a nice-looking body out there. Exercises which are most commonly a part of the HIIT are squats, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, planks, and many other popular exercises.


Doctor’s Diet Approach

Following a proper diet and exercising are important. Exercising is not only safe for you to do while on phentermine and helps you lose weight.

Cardio exercises guarantee not only an effective weight loss but also, a build-up of strong, lean muscles, an enhanced cardiovascular and respiratory function and a great rush of endorphins as you finish your exercising plan for the day!

Exercise improves your mood, combats chronic diseases that you may be at risk for, increases your energy level, promotes better sleep, helps with your sex life because you are in better shape and gives you something productive to do with your time.